July 7-10, 2021
World Artificial Intelligence Conference
Sinofy Group, in partnership with Expand.hk to organize special events for The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), the biggest AI conference in the world.
About WAIC 2021
WAIC brings together the leading minds of AI for a four-day symposium filled with exciting forums, exhibitions, and competitions. As the largest AI conference in the world, WAIC 2021 will continue the concept of “Intelligent Connected World” by showcasing the latest breakthroughs in the field of technology by promoting innovation and collaboration.
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Keynote Speakers, Panelists, Sponsors
The First European Online Forum
Sinofy Group and Expand.hk takes WAIC 2021 to the global stage with The 1st European Online Forum to bring WAIC 2021. The forum features panel discussions from various AI experts all over the world.  European AI enthusiasts get the opportunity to learn the latest AI updates and gain insights from the best and brightest minds of AI from the safety of their homes.
European Online Forum Featured Speakers
Keynote Speakers
Federico Faggin
President at Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation
Gadi Singer
VP & Director, Cognitive Computing Research, Intel Labs
Peter Vesterbacka
Chair of the Finest Bay Project and CEO of Slush
Steve Nouri
Forbes Tech Council Member
Emmanuel Goffi
Co-Director & Co-Founder at Global AI Ethics Institute and AI Ethics at Huawei
Constantijn van Oranje
Envoy at Techleap.nl, Co-Founder of StartupFestEurope
Prof. Anders Lindquist
Chair Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, IEEE fellow and fields award
Nick Bostrom
Professor of Applied Ethics at the University of Oxford and Director at Oxford Future of Humanity Institute
Fabio Moioli
Head Consulting & Services @Microsoft | Forbes Tech Council | Faculty at Harvard, SingularityU, MIP | Artificial & Human Intelligences | AI TEDx
Davide Cali
Chair of European China Federation for AI and CEO of Expand
Prof. Stefano Piotto
CEO of Soft Mining Srl - Associate Professor at University of Salerno
Filippo Fabrocini
Professor of AI at Tongji University and Director of Sustainable AI
Milad Taleby Ahvanooey
Faculty Member at Nanjing University, China
Ryad Chellali
CTO at Moore Nanjing Robotics Institute
Pasquale Fedele
Former CEO of BrainControl
Enrico Santus
Data Science Leader in Pharmacovigilance at Bayer
Danko Nikolic
Head of AI and Data Science et evocenta GmbH
Prof. Antonino Marciano
Prof. Dep. Of Physycs, Fudan University, Shanghai
Manuele Monti
PhD. CEO and Founder, TechBricks
Wei Cui
Co-Founder & Head Scientist at Squirrel.ai
Jason Jiang
General Manager, Danieli Industrial Automation (Suzhou) Co.
Eric Liu
CTO & Founder of Digitwin
Dong Qi
Overseas Director of Yida Future Group
Guo Rui
Chief Technical Expert of CRRC
Chen Hong
General Manager of Festo Production Ltd.
Wang Mingrong
Chairman of Grehar Emerging Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Jin Yan
Vice President of Qingdao Hainayun Technology Holding Co., Ltd.
Harsha Gurulingappa
Head of Text Analytics @ Merck Data Office, Merck Group
AI Ethics goals for the 21st century
(organised by Sinofy Group)
AI+High-tech Manufacturing 4.0
AI at a Crossroad: Another Winter, or a New Third Wave?
AI Art: Is It A Challenge To Human Creativity?
AI as The New Silk Road Between China and Europe
Artificial Intelligence: Does Consciousness Matter?
The role of AI in the era of Ecological and Digital transition
Machine learning achievements and trends in heavy industry
Smart cloud revolution in Industry 4.0
AI-aided Precision Medicine: an Unavoidable Revolution

The European AI Startup Pitch Competition
The European AI Startup Pitch Competition gives the best European AI startups a platform to share their stories with the world. Finalists will receive $10,000 USD worth of Tier 1 PR in China, $30,000 USD worth of consulting on PR in China, and mentorship to help their businesses become a success.
Startup Pitch Competition Panel
How can Artificial Intelligence ensure rapid success in terms of cost savings and customer experience improvement?
In 2020 WAIC was able to reach record numbers of speakers, attendees and media coverage.  WAIC 2021 is poised to reach an even bigger audience.
Turing Award Winners
Fortune 500 CEO Speakers
Leading Scholars
Broadcast Channels
Registered Journalists
Media Reports
28+ Million
Industry Views
98+ Million
Views of the Open Ceremony Live Stream
18+ Million
Views of Scientific Frontier Plenary Session
253 Million
Online Views
July 10, 2021, Shanghai/Rome

The 1st European Online Forum

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Head of the Mission
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