Innovation 2021
Where leaders and innovators connect and talk about China, Tech, VC and more
Our Story
Innovation 2021 is a hub connecting business leaders and professionals in China and Southeast Asia to meet, to connect and facilitate thought provoking events.
Targeted towards all kinds of professionals―from freelancers to employees of startups or multinational companies―Innovation 2021 aims to tackle issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise from China’s and APAC business trends.
Innovation 2021 is a monthly online event and powered by Sinofy Group
Liang Xing
Partner, Fieldfisher China
Quentin Pignard
Founder and CEO, QP Software Limited
Kristina Koehler-Coluccia
Head of Business Advisory, Woodburn Accountants & Advisors
Yoann Delwarde
Co-Founder, Infinity Growth
Jiazi Li
Moderator, Sinofy
Tobias Bauer
Principal, Blockchain Founders Fund
Sabrina Wang
Founder, Startup Yard
Rachel Wong
CEO, Founders Doc
Jean-Yves Laguillez
Co-Founder and CEO, EmotionDigital
Chris DeAngelis
Partner & General Manager, Alliance Development Group
Lingyi Kong
Vice President, Execuzen
Conference schedule
6:30 PM

Opening Speech ( by Sinofy )

6:35 PM (China Time)

5 tips to enter the Chinese Market

I- Presentation by Kristina Coluccia, Head of Business Advisory for Woodburn Accountants & Advisors

China market entry Insights

China law corporate & IP In China

II- Presentation by Liang Xing, Partner, Fieldfisher China.

Chinese Business law and IP practices in China.

Tips on how to work with China

III - Presentation by Yoann Delwarde, Co-founder of Infinity Growth in Shanghai.

Working in China and with Chinese made Simple

Digital Product Localization for Chinese market

IV- Presentation by Quentin Pignard, CEO & Co-founder of QPSoftware.

The Art of localizing digital products when accessing the Chinese market

8:05-9:05 PM (China Time)

Live Q&A

9:05 - 9:10 PM (China Time)

Closing ceremony of the conference

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