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Sinofy Studio is trusted by some of the most
Alex Richter
President and Founder
"Exceptionally knowledgeable Sinologists and Strategists"
Sinofy Studio has delivered and continues to deliver extremely valuable insider information that helps us to operate and localize our offerings across Mainland of China.
We are more than happy to work with the team. They are well experienced, educated, and organized.
Denis Eskenaz
Product Marketing Manager
"We have learned the power of Guanxi"
While working with Sinofy Studio we witnessed the fact that this is not what you know, but who you know. We are grateful for all the great work, introductions, supervision during negotiations, and helping us to localize our story to the target audience, we would not be able to meet our objectives without them.
alexey burdyko
"A group of people that always went the extra mile"
I enjoyed working with Sinofy Studio higherups back in 2017 and can tell that they did a tremendous job with strategic PR communications to drive growth.
Maria Spiring
Chief Advisor
Iskander VC
"We thought we understood China, however, that turned out to be a top of an iceberg"
We didn't have the slightest idea about the value and power of live streaming on Weixin and tremendously benefited from Influencer (KOL) marketing bridging value to our clients for our events in Hong Kong that doubled out ROI, we are truly thankful for the great work.
Ryan Lee
Marketing Director
"Team's expertise has been of tremendous value to our organization."
We enjoy working with Levi and Sinofy team members, who are truly professional. Through the course of many months, team has helped us with content creation and business development in China.
Dr. Michael J. Garbade
CEO and Co-Founder
Education Ecosystem
"More than a blockchain marketer."
Sinofy has proved his expertise in China's crypto field by thier successful marketing approach to the Chinese market, their role in WeChat community management, and their network in blockchain media simply put-superb. The team has also helped us host meetups in China and attend events for business development around Asia.
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